Community Education
Richard Hall is a Certified Family Herbalist and is enrolled in the Master
Herbalist Program at Clayton College of Natural Health. Over the past few
years, Richard has taught natural health related classes in the community
education program of Nashville's public education system. Through class
lectures and classroom discussions, we expand our knowledge of
environmental, nutritional, herbal, pharmaceutical, and general lifestyle
issues and become better equipped to make the everyday decisions that
could have profound effects on our overall health. We explore the history of
health care and how previous generations relied on their own skills to make
home remedies. There are labs which allow each participant to experience
the art of tincturing herbs, infusing oils, making salves, and crafting soaps.
The classes are conducted in a relaxed manner, so be prepared to discuss
any subject from water to wine, from the hot air of politics to the cold air of
winter; if it affects your ability to stay healthy.... it warrants discussion.

These classes and lectures are available to groups large or small.
Interested parties should contact Richard through the website to schedule
an informative lecture or one of several demonstrations; including soap
making, herbal oil infusions, salve making and more.
*  No classes are scheduled at this time. *